TMO Background Mode Interview #2 with TMO Contributor John Kheit

John Kheit is a New York attorney and a regular Contributor to The Mac Observer. We share many common interests, including the 4K/UHD/HDR TV revolution, 8K TV and displays, Wi-Fi/5G technologies, and the state of Apple.

We chatted about the legacy magic touch of Apple exemplified by the launch of the iPhone in 2007. Has Apple lost the ability to surprise us with solutions to problems we didn’t know we had? Along the way, the touchy subject of Apple’s Butterfly keyboard came up. In the second segment, we discussed 8K TV, mostly with regard to 8K as a computer display, but also from the perspective of the near future of 8K television and what the HDMI 2.1 standard might bring us. J.K. has some strong opinions, so brace yourself.

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My Background Mode interview #2 with John Kheit


2 thoughts on “TMO Background Mode Interview #2 with TMO Contributor John Kheit

  • I’m sure some pro’s did, but many pros honestly do not care what their hardware is. Few at pixar cares if there is a mac or pc running renderman.

    So depends on your definition of Pro. I would argue, that the enthusiasts (who are pro and “amateur” and power users) likely did more to save apple than simply the detached pros.

    I agree with you on the unix component helping the cause quite a lot.

  • Hi John and John,

    Just listened to this episode on my away in to work and it was a good one – thanks!

    But I am going to disagree with John K. on one point … “it was not the Pro’s who saved Apple, it was the enthusiasts.” Wrong – it was BOTH and things would’ve turned out very differently had it not been.

    Yes, Apple’s turnaround started when the iMac was released in 1998 and enthusiasts went crazy for it – no argument there.

    BUT … when Apple’s fortunes really started to turn around was when they released MacOS X and all the UNIX geeks and scientists said, “Wait – what? I can buy one box that runs UNIX and X11 and Microsoft Office?!?” Apple even marketed to that crowd … Google the “Sends other UNIX boxes to /dev/null” ad and read the quotes.

    Without the UNIX geeks and the scientific community enthusiastically embracing the Mac … well, yes, Apple would NOT have gone out of business … but they sure wouldn’t have taken the trajectory they did, either. Unless you don’t consider UNIX geeks and scientists “pros”, you have to acknowledge their vital contribution (something that I wish Apple themselves would do)…


    Old UNIX Guy

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