Migrating Mail, Managing your Monitor, and More! – Mac Geek Gab 665

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Lots of summer-related Cool Stuff Found here, including stuff for hearing your music while you’re out enjoying the outdoors. Don’t worry, southern-hemisphere friends, we’ve got plenty of stuff for you, too, including a new mesh wireless system to discuss. The Q&A portion of the show covers migrating mail, operating with the monitor off (desirably and not-so-much). All this and more. Press play and enjoy!

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One thought on “Migrating Mail, Managing your Monitor, and More! – Mac Geek Gab 665

  • 3rd party display crisis on this 665 geek gab


    I purchase 2 lg 27 for a clients macpro 2013, this same setup is working in all mac stores but after 3 days of Genius Bar and Apple phone help and cable swapping and fresh sierra installs – still no light up on these new lg s.

    Kicker is swapping my lg s 27 at the Apple Store macpro we can not get my two to start up.

    So I reached high level Apple tech and after going over all events in my testing – he has sent my case to Apple engineering. It sure seems as if lg has changed something in the (new batch) of 27

    You can add this to your head scratcher 3rd party displays- final note – my lg s will work with the new MacBook pros with their USB c connection as the Mac Pro needs the thunder bolt 2 to usbc adapter.

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