When Your Mac Sleeps Too Deeply – Mac Geek Gab 792

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Sleeping computers are good, until they don’t wake up. Thankfully, John and Dave are here each week to answer your questions, including this one. But that’s not all! Listen for answers to questions about Apple Watch hourly chimes, registering Apple devices, and tips on using the camera adapter between two iPhones, opening windows in new tabs, and more. Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things on this week’s episode of Mac Geek Gab.

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One thought on “When Your Mac Sleeps Too Deeply – Mac Geek Gab 792

  • You’re comments on taking a screen shot of a full web page reminded me of something I thought I’d heard on here. On your ios device if you have a web page open and you take a screen shot, you can immediately tap on the screenshot thumbnail. It will open the screen shot and across the top of the image you’ll see two panels: Screen and Full Page. Click the Full Page and it will capture the full web page you were on.

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