John’s macOS Upgrade Rant – TMO Daily Observations 2017-11-16

Bryan Chaffin and John Martellaro join Jeff Gamet to talk about John’s issue with Apple’s macOS upgrade strategy, plus Jeff shares an iPhone X complaint.

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3 thoughts on “John’s macOS Upgrade Rant – TMO Daily Observations 2017-11-16

  • I’m with John because I almost got burned when the popup hit me in the midst of a lesson and I would have preferred a simple “dismiss” as an option (comparable to regular store updates). Moreover I almost shouted at my phone while listening to Jeff totally missing John’s point and changing the topic to a question if Apple should babysit its users or even burden itself with keeping a list of other companies’ updates.
    In the case of my mum, she can happily use her Mac on ElCap or Sierra which are still kept safe with updates from Apple with paid software that won’t run on High Sierra (Parallels, I’m looking at you…). For her, shelling out $50 a year because Apple (and Parallels) want to make her update is a no-go. And for her, such a popup is a kind of trap… I would like to hear an update on your thoughts, Jeff. Best regards, Bob Stadler

  • @Castro

    I’m with you that Apple should flag before any/all apps that Apple knows will not play nice before doing the install.

    But I’m not in favour just installing each and every OS update as soon as Apple releases one/pushes one out.

    I always wait a couple of days, and let the lemmings discover the bugs/faults/incompatibilities, before I look at the update(s)….
    (This also applies to the Security Updates. Folks have been bitten by those too in the past)

  • Hi Jeff and team, I would partially agree with both John and you on the Apple updating Mac OS. When you finish installing new version of the OS, there is a window that pops up and says “following applications are not compatible with this OS” (I could be off on the exact wording). Why can’t Apple show this prior to installing the OS using some kinds a tool.

    I did get burned few times by installing the latest and greatest.

    Having said that, if I put my end user hat on, I want someone else (like Apple) to tell me that I need to upgrade. You wouldn’t believe how many people that are not on the latest security update and I need to be explain the importants. Also, general public do not understand no matter how you explain about technology and security (I’m only talking about majority, not exevryone).

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