Next to a Crate Full of Chickens – TMO Daily Observations 2019-02-12

Today Dave Hamilton and John Martellaro join Kelly Guimont to discuss Angela Ahrendts’ departure and the implications of Amazon buying Eero.

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One thought on “Next to a Crate Full of Chickens – TMO Daily Observations 2019-02-12

  • I’m sorry but you so over stated the importance of data gathering to make a functional mesh network. The idea that the implementation of 802.11 on different devices being so dramatic that you can’t make a router that can hand between access points is an insult to the standard and everyone who contributed to it. I have 2 time capsules and 3 airport express all connected to a GB ethernet backbone and I have no problems moving around the house from place to place. This is all with hardware that has not been substantially updated for over 5 years.
    Also, apple has done a great deal of work and research in mesh networking in iOS and it would make sense if they wanted to reboot the Airport line that it would be iOS based. The would allow Apple to bring out a new airport express with built in microphones and Airplay 2 to that could offer a lower cost Siri access point that would also extend your network.

    I still hope for Apple to re-enter this market.

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