Angela Ahrendts’ First Interview After Leaving Apple

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In Angela Ahrendts’ first interview since leaving Apple, the former SVP of Retail sat down with Jessi Hempel, host of LinkedIn’s Hello Monday podcast. She talked about when Tim Cook pursued her for the job, her first six months at Apple, the experience of switching industries, and her three takeaways from leaving Apple.

One: never forget where you came from. And what I mean by that is no different than what I did at Burberry. We looked back, because that’s your foundation, right?  When I came to Apple, I’d go out in the field and they’d talk about, “Steve said our job was to enrich lives” And “Steve said this and wrote that.” I could have thrown all that out, but [I thought] no let’s codify that. Let’s protect that. So, my first lesson, what I’ve learned from them after I hit 140 stores (what that taught me) is never forget where you came from, and use that as your foundation.

Angela Ahrendts’ First Interview After Leaving Apple

Angela Ahrendts Leaving Apple in April

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In something of a shock move, Apple retail supremo Angela Ahrendts is leaving the company and will be replaced by Dierdre O’Brien.

Angela Ahrendts Says Retail is Broken

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Ultimately, Ms. Ahrendts says stores should lessen their focus on numbers and invest in people. 

Apple Store Champs-Élysées Will Open on Sunday

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Apple Store Champs Elysees

Apple describes the new store as being in “Haussmann-era apartment building” and says that the inner courtyard will contain its “grandest” forum yet for hosting free Today at Apple events.

Apple at Cannes, Essential Reality, 2nd HomePod and AirPlay 2 vs. Soundbar - ACM 464

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Apple Senior Vice President Angela Ahrendts is going to be interviewed at Cannes Lions, but the person interviewing her is an Apple employee. Bryan Chaffin and Jeff Gamet think that’s a little weird. In hindsight, they also think it’s weird that Andy Rubin thought he could make money making Android hardware, an Essential(ly) bad idea. In the third segment, Jeff helps Bryan spend money when picking between a 2nd HomePod and a soundbar now that AirPlay 2 is here.

Next Month Today at Apple Participants Will Get Surveys

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Starting in January, Apple will start surveying people who participate in Today at Apple events. These are free events in Apple retail stores where people can learn about something from an expert.

Here's that Burberry Coat Angela Ahrendts Wore at Apple's Media Event

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Angela Ahrendts long coat got a lot of attention during Apple’s iPhone media event on Tuesday. TMO reader Alan Adams and his wife recognized it from a recent trip to Paris, and sent me a link to it.  It’s called the Macramé Lace Trench Coat, and it’s priced at a mere US$2,895. Not surprisingly, it’s from Burberry, where Ms. Ahrendts used to be CEO. Today, she is Apple’s senior vice president in charge of retail.

Here’s that Burberry Coat Angela Ahrendts Wore at Apple’s Media Event

Apple Says New York City's 5th Ave Glass Cube Will Return

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Apple senior vice president Angela Ahrendts said Tuesday that the iconic glass cube will return to its 5th Ave Apple store location. The announcement came during the company’s fall media event, in Apple Park’s Steve Jobs Theater.

Apple Says New York City’s 5th Ave Glass Cube Will Return