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macOS Catalina will bring with it a lot of changes, one of which is that a lotof older apps and related hardware won’t work. Dave and John answer your questions and share your tips about how to navigate these waters ahead of time… to avoid surprises. In addition, your archives are only as good as the method and medium you use. It’s time to talk about data safety and reliability. Plus, your other questions need answers, and that’s what happens here on Mac Geek Gab: everyone learns at least five new things!

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2 thoughts on “Save Your Data…Safely – Mac Geek Gab 769

  • Indeed. It seems that Zoom did some very bad things, the worst of which is to start up a web server on your mac, and leave it running even if you uninstalled the app! Shameful.They have issued an update today, 7/10/19, (which you can get by selecting update in the menu when you run the app). The claim is they no longer run a web server (which I believe is true). They also claim to have fixed the uninstall problem. But it is hard  trust them any more.Zoom is a great way to have a meeting though. Works much better, IMHO, than Skype for larger groups.

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