Apple Stores Come To Thailand, Disney’s Streaming Service – TMO Daily Observations 2018-11-09

Andrew Orr and first-timer Charlotte Henry join Kelly Guimont to discuss the first Apple Store in Thailand and Disney’s streaming service.

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One thought on “Apple Stores Come To Thailand, Disney’s Streaming Service – TMO Daily Observations 2018-11-09

  • Expect Netfilx to be only their own content pretty soon. Distributors have supported Netflix to get the streaming market going, but they’ll take control of their own content and cut Netflix off. For 10 years I’ve been warning people to stick with iTunes, use it and encourage Apple to expand it, otherwise every distributor will want their own channel. That nightmare is now true and getting worse every day.

    So what’s next for streaming? Once everyone’s hooked on streaming and never receiving a physical or digital copy of anything they pay for, how do streamers increase profits? Get rid of the monthly bundle price! Charge for every individual partial or whole stream of a show/movie. Bad luck if you have children that stream things over and over! You think subscription fatigue is bad…?

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