iMac Refresh, Apple’s Next Updates – TMO Daily Observations 2019-03-19

Bryan Chaffin and Charlotte Henry join host Kelly Guimont for a chat about updated iMacs and speculate on the next Apple product to be updated via press release.

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One thought on “iMac Refresh, Apple’s Next Updates – TMO Daily Observations 2019-03-19

  • MacBook Air gets T2 acceleration, but not 2019 iMac?
    That said, MacBook Air even with T2 acceleration (h.265, encryption, etc) is slower than the nearly 2 year old model it replaced and 20% slower than the year out of date MacBook at graphics intensive apps (video, photos), so I’m struggling to see what the T2 advantage really is.

    And RAM upgrades? Why do we not know if 27″ has user upgradable RAM?
    I’m sure there’s someone at Apple that spends all day coming up with things to leave out (headphone jack, MagSafe, SD slot, etc), to test what Kheit calls beaten-housewife syndrome is alive and well in Apple customers.

    I heard the Snell interview. How in the name-of-Kheit is “it looks good” a feature promoted alongside 9G intel CPUs? Sure you have to speak to Apple’s talking points, but that surely should have been torn to shreds, most especially since the look hasn’t been updated since 2012. For Kheit’s Sake!! Again, a marketing intelligence test. Didn’t even get Space Grey option and it’s promoted as a tentpole feature???

    Charlotte… mmm… 27″ apple display…

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