Iger Leaves Apple Board, Revolutionary iPhone Chip – TMO Daily Observations 2019-09-16

Andrew Orr and Charlotte Henry join host Kelly Guimont to talk about Bob Iger’s board departure, and the iPhone 11 chip Apple didn’t discuss.

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One thought on “Iger Leaves Apple Board, Revolutionary iPhone Chip – TMO Daily Observations 2019-09-16

  • Another great show.
    The reason you didn’t hear much about the U1 chip is because it’s not for you, it’s for those tracking you. Forbes points out recent higher resolution patents for Apple’s iBeacons that helps retailers/malls track you around their premises… or anyone else who wants to know where you are to within 5mm.

    Iger couldn’t have left it any longer to leave Apple. Cook’s Apple is all about appearance. Can’t ship product? Talk about social issues. Iger can’t have been unaware of Apple’s plans for a streaming service. Nor could Apple have missed Disney’s plans. This is appearance of propriety only. Look up the definition of conflict of interest. If there’s the possibility of it, then there is one, no matter the morals nor behaviour of individuals. Once it was known both were doing streaming and WAY before it became public, Iger could have departed.

    Must be iPhone fever…
    Jobs had more than a Pixar involvement with Disney, he was the 51% (majority) shareholder of Disney. He owned the place and rightly let the company do its thing, advising them on things like don’t sully their brand with cheap remakes.

    Secure Enclave had a purpose, it was introduced for TouchID. Apple Pay certainly came later, but Secure Enclave was not a mystery at introduction.

    Pointing the phone helps choose a recipient from the cloud of AirDrop-ers, it doesn’t actually send anything.

    I too am awaiting my green sludge miracle, now that my 6Plus goes under the iOS13 bus. Wish I could have waited for the next design, the X design sucks, but it takes Overcast 10 seconds to play a podcast, so 6Plus is end of life for me.

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