Cool Stuff Found from CES Unveiled – TMO Daily Observations 2020-01-06

LAS VEGAS – John F. Braun and Dave Hamilton attended CES Unveiled 2020 on Sunday night, sifting through hundreds of products and companies to bring you this gadget-focused collection of Cool Stuff Found. Listen and enjoy!

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Show Notes

2 thoughts on “Cool Stuff Found from CES Unveiled – TMO Daily Observations 2020-01-06

  • At last year’s CES, TiVo announced that they would be releasing a native Apple TV app featuring live streaming and access to TiVo’s DVR recordings. There is an iPad app that allows this, but it has to be mirrored (Will not allow regular airplay) to the Apple TV and the iPad is not usable until you’re ready to stop viewing content and turn off mirroring.

    I have not heard anything more about this since the announcement a year ago. It was supposed to be released around the 3rd quarter of 2019. I’ve searched for the app in the AppleTV’s App Store and there is nothing. I’ve searched the web for articles with updated information and can’t find where they’ve released any information/blog explaining why the app HAS NOT been released yet.

    I would love to know if Dave or John see or hear anything more about it at this year’s CES.

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