Why Macs and PCs should “go ARM” – TMO Daily Observations 2020-07-20

John Martellaro joins host Kelly Guimont to discuss Apple’s ARM transition, and how that move impacts Macs but could impact PCs as well.

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One thought on “Why Macs and PCs should “go ARM” – TMO Daily Observations 2020-07-20

  • I like where Kelly took this. Will Apple drive an industry shift to ARM? It’s not quite as simple as that sounds. It’s unlikely Apple will licence its chips to other manufacturers. Microsoft already has its own ARM platform, completely different chips / SOC architecture to Apple Silicon. Not very good, it seems.

    When Apple went Intel, it actually went WinTel architecture / chipsets and wrote Mac OS for that. Adopting an industry standard.

    Despite The talk of Microsoft not basing it’s business on Windows, the industry depends on Windows OS, and there doesn’t seem to be a viable Windows / ARM architecture and OS yet. It’s very unlikely This industry standard, should it emerge, will be Apple Silicon or even compatible with Apple’s architecture / chipset, unless AMD reverse engineers Apple Silicon for other manufacturers.

    There may never be an industrywide architecture the way there is now. The WinTel chipset became standard because it was licensed to manufacturers. Apple probably won’t license Apple Silicon and Apple is unlikely to participate in any WinARM hardware standard.

    Apple is so far ahead of Windows/Linux and the future of the rest of the industry is unclear. As is Mac’s ability to run Windows. Microsoft would have to write an Apple Silicon version of Windows and that’s even less likely to happen than Apple licensing Apple Silicon.

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