Apple Music Student Price Breakdown by Countries

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Apple Music offers a substantial discount for its subscription service to students and verified universities. But you may not know that the costs are not the same around the globe. Apple charges different prices for its subscription services, and discounts may vary. Now, let’s compare how much Apple Music costs in several countries around the world.

Apple Music Student Pricing

Apple offers a significant discount to college and university students for its Apple Music service. In the US, an Apple Music subscription costs $10.99 per month, while a student can get it for only $5.99 per month. Likewise, Apple offers similar discounts around the globe, but the exact amounts vary significantly based on local currencies and exchange rates.

Typpically Apple charges more for their services in the US and Europe. However, the student discount percentage is pretty close throughout the world. In contrast, India is one of the cheapest places to get Apple Music, which costs approximately $1.19 per month before discounts. Meanwhile, Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries, with Apple charging about $16.24 per month before discounts.

Apple Music Prices By Country

CountryApple Music PricePrice With Student Discount
United States of America10.99 USD5.99 USD
Japan1,080 JPY580 JPY
India99 INR59 INR
Singapore9.98 SGD5.98 SGD
Egypt55 EGP30 EGP
Mexico115 MXN58 MXN
South Africa21.99 SAR12.99 SAR
Philippines139 PHP75 PHP
New Zealand16.99 NZ8.99 NZ
United Kingdom10.99 Euro5.99 Euro
Australia12.99 AUD6.99 AUD
Brazil21.90 BRL11.90 BRL
Switzerland13.90 CHF7.50 CHF
Portugal7.49 €/mês3.99 €/mês
Chile4,490 CLP2,490 CLP

Why is Apple Music Cheaper in Other Countries?

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Like other streaming services, Apple charges different prices around the globe. There are a number of complex reasons for doing so, but it largely comes down to economics. They cannot charge the same rates in developing countries as they can in the US and Europe.

Primary goal of streaming services is to get as many subscribers as possible, even if profitability is not equal across the board. For instance, Apple may not make as much money per subscriber in India as they do in Switzerland, but there are a lot more subscribers in India.

Exchange rates can also play a major role in the cost of Apple Music in different countries. A great example is that Apple charges the same price for the service in the US and Canada. Doing so actually makes the service slightly cheaper in Canada, thanks to the exchange rate between the US and Canadian dollar.

Can I Subscribe to Apple Music in a Different Country?

You may be wondering whether or not it’s possible to subscribe to Apple Music in a different country to save some money. In fact, some people already use VPNs to subscribe to Apple Music if the service isn’t available in their country. Using a VPN to subscribe to Apple Music in a different country is possible.

However, you may have some problems with credit card processing. Of course, you could get around that by using Apple gift cards. Additionally, some songs and artists are not available in select regions. Most importantly, you must change the Apple ID’s region.

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