How To Create a HomePod Stereo Pair

Two White HomePod mini Speakers

You’ve got your duo of HomePod or HomePod mini speakers set up and ready to go. Now you need to pair them together to create a left and right channel for an even better sound experience. Let’s look at what you need to do to create a HomePod stereo pair.

Make Sure Both Devices Are in the Same Room

The first thing you need to do is make sure you’ve assigned both of your HomePods to the same room. You also should know, both speakers have to be the same model. You can’t create a stereo pair using a HomePod and a HomePod mini, unfortunately.

Once you have both HomePods or HomePod mini speakers ready to go, you can link them together in the Home app.

Create Your HomePod Stereo Pair

To get started, open the Home app on your iOS or iPadOS device. Touch and hold one of your HomePod speakers, and scroll down until you see the gear icon. Tap that icon to access the settings.

How To Create a HomePod Stereo Pair

Next, scroll down until you see “Create Stereo Pair.” Tap the link, and the Home app will prompt you to choose the second speaker for the pair. Next, check that the app has assigned your devices to the correct channels. Tap each one and make sure they’re properly set to left and right. If need be, tap the middle Swap icon to switch them.

When you have two HomePod speakers set up as a stereo pair, only one will respond to Siri requests, play alarms, or act as a speakerphone. The speakers will determine that based on which one you’re closest to.

If you want to unlink a stereo pair, just go back into the settings for your HomePod in the Home app and choose “Ungroup Accessories”.

Use Your Paired HomePod Speakers with Apple TV

If you have an Apple TV 4K, you can set your new stereo pair to be your default speakers. Just go to Settings > Video and Audio > Audio Output. You should see your stereo pair, usually named for the room it’s in. Select it as “Default Audio Output.”

Apple TV Stereo Pair

This will also allow you to enjoy Dolby Atmos sound for a more immersive experience.

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