Understanding the watchOS 4 Control Center

watchOS 4 control center

The Control Center on your Apple Watch has gained some new, slightly hidden settings. Well, some of them are a bit hidden. With the release of the Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular), there was a need for new controls. So, let’s take a tour through the watchOS 4 Control Center to help you know where to find anything.

watchOS 4 control center

What the watchOS 4 Control Center Can Do

Within watchOS 4’s Control Center, you’re able to quickly see the status of your device connections and features. You can also toggle them off or on as you need. At the top, you’ll be able to tell whether you’re connected to your iPhone, a Wi-Fi network, or using a cellular connection. The top right corner shows the status of Location Services. You can also see if Apple Watch is not connected to anything. From this page, you’ll also see the state of your device’s cellular radio, if it has one. Other status icons and settings buttons include battery status, Airplane mode, locate iPhone, flashlight mode, Do Not Disturb, and Theater Mode.

understanding the watchOS 4 Control Center
As you can see, a green iPhone outline appears when your Watch is connect to your handset, or blue Wi-Fi arcs if that is active. You’ll also see the status of Location Services.

If you’ve set up a passcode on your Apple Watch and have disabled Wrist Detection, a Lock button will also appear. This enables you to lock your Apple Watch manually. If you don’t have a passcode, you won’t see the lock. You also won’t see it if you have a passcode but have Wrist Detection turned on.

If you continue swiping up after you’ve brought up the Control Center, you’ll find another page of options.

understanding the watchOS 4 control center
A second page of buttons appears in Control Center if you keep swiping upwards

What All the Controls Mean

Here are the various buttons you’ll find in Control Center, along with what each one does.

watchOS 4 Control Center battery charge
This icon displays how fully charged your Apple Watch’s battery is
watchOS 4 control center - cellular button
With this icon, you can see the status of your cellular chipset, as well as turn it on or off
watchOS 4 control center - airplane mode
Enable or disable Airplane Mode with this button







watchOS 4 Control Center - Mute
Mute your Apple Watch with this button
watchOS 4 Control Center - Do Not Disturb
Enable or disable Do Not Disturb using this control
watchOS 4 Control Center - Lock
If present, this button allows you to lock your Apple Watch






watchOS 4 Control Center - Water Lock
Turn Water Lock on or off, for when you’re swimming, using this button
watchOS 4 Control Center - Locate iPhone
This button will ping your iPhone or light up its flash
watchOS 4 Control Center - Flashlight
Turn on the flashlight function of Apple Watch with this control






watchOS 4 Control Center - Theater Mode
The iconic Comedy and Tragedy masks, labeling a control to enable or disable Theater Mode.
watchOS 4 Control Center - Audio Devices
This control helps you connect to Bluetooth audio devices

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  • These “how to” and ‘look inside’ articles are AWESOME. They are kindling a fun intrigue which ends up being useful knowledge. The Apple universe is deep and beautiful. It’s leisurely and fun to read, even if I don’t yet own the product like in this case. Thanks, MacAddict for sparking up the simple joy of learning about Apple’s cool stuff.

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