How to Check and Change Privacy and Security Settings on Mac

Apple and privacy

With lots of focus, quite rightly, on the way mobile apps and devices can track us, it is easy to overlook that you should take privacy and security steps on your computer too. Even on a Mac, which has pretty good privacy and security built-in, it’s worth every once in a while doing an audit of your settings.

Check and Change Your Privacy And Security Settings on macOS BigSur

You have to grant apps on your Mac access to certain features or bits of data, such as the microphone or your location. Normally the first time you load up an app it will ask you to do this, but you can change these settings as appropriate. To do so:

  • Go to System Preferences
  • Got to Security and Privacy
  • Click on the Privacy Tab
  • Click on the padlock at the bottom and enter your password to unlock

You can then click on any of the options on the side and tick or untick, depending on which apps you want to have access to which features.

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