Get Siri to Tell You Which Song is Topping The Chart

Siri saying which song is number 1

Siri can, of course, tell lots of information. One fun one is that it can tell you which song is topping the charts in your country.

“Hey Siri, What Song is Number One?”

The instruction is, not surprisingly: “Hey Siri, what song is number one?” The answer comes back based on official chart data in your location. You should get the same result on whichever device you’re using. Frustratingly, you can’t ask Siri to simply “play the song is number one,” in Apple Music. However, once you have the name you can, of course, ask it to play.

In some countries, you can also ask what song was number one on the day you born. Make sure you give your date of birth!

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This is a little misleading. Siri can ONLY give the number one song in the country you’re in. You can’t, for example, get the number one song for Canada when you’re in the U.Ss, which seems a little odd.