3 Effective Ways To Fix iPad Stuck in Boot Loop

  • Troubleshoot and resolve the dreaded iPad boot loop with practical and user-friendly methods.
  • Navigating iPad boot loop issues could be as simple as a hard reset or a strategic charging technique.
  • Recovering your iPad from a boot loop doesn’t always mean data loss – discover how with our comprehensive guide.
ipad boot loop stuck

Every iPad owner values the smooth and seamless operation of their device. However, at times, an iPad might get stuck in what’s often referred to as a boot loop – a frustrating scenario where your device continually restarts without fully booting up. This issue is fairly common and can be triggered by several factors, such as a botched jailbreak, an unsuccessful iPadOS upgrade, or even a malicious software attack.

So, how do you know you’re dealing with a boot loop? One telltale sign is if your iPad keeps flashing the Apple logo and turning off, only to restart the process. While it may not be a fatal issue, a boot loop can severely hamper your ability to use your device and may even cause data loss in some instances.

If you’re facing this challenge, fear not. This guide will walk you through practical ways to fix an iPad stuck in a boot loop without losing your precious data.

Why Does My iPad Keep Flashing the Apple Logo and Turning Off?

If you find your iPad continually exhibiting the Apple logo and then promptly powering off, you’re witnessing the characteristics of a reboot loop. This occurs when there’s a software glitch or other system-related issues that obstruct your iPad’s standard boot sequence, preventing it from initiating completely.

Is Boot Loop a Serious Problem?

Absolutely, a boot loop (or a reboot loop) can be a severe problem. It obstructs normal access to and use of your iPad, potentially affecting tasks ranging from professional work to personal communications. Therefore, addressing and resolving a boot loop promptly is of high importance.

How Do I Fix My iPad Stuck in Boot Loop?

1. How to Hard Reset an iPad

Time needed: 1 minute

A hard reset is often the first port of call when dealing with a malfunctioning iPad. It’s relatively straightforward to perform and can potentially fix the iPad boot loop:

  1. Hold down the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons simultaneously.

    hard reset ipad with home button

  2. For an iPad without a home button, hold the Sleep/Wake button and a volume button until the Power Off button appears.

    hard reset ipad without home button

  3. Maintain this hold for about 25-30 seconds.

  4. Watch for the Apple logo to appear, signifying that the device is restarting.

Should your iPad remain in a boot loop, don’t despair. Simply repeat the process after an hour or so. This is an effective way to fix an iPad boot loop without a computer.

2. Restore the iPad Using iTunes

If your iPad is stuck on the Apple logo and a hard reset is not working, restoring your iPad using iTunes is another viable option, although a more advanced solution. However, be aware that this method could result in data loss, as it essentially wipes your iPad clean and restores it to factory settings. Here’s how to fix an iPad boot loop with iTunes:

  1. Launch iTunes on your computer and connect your iPad.
  2. To enter Recovery Mode, press and hold the Power button alongside the Home button for 10 seconds.
    hard reset ipad with home button
  3. Release the Power button while keeping the Home button pressed until the Connect to iTunes screen appears.
  4. For an iPad that lacks a Home button, press and promptly release the volume button which is nearest to the top button. Next, press and quickly let go of the volume button that is the farthest from the top button. Finally, press and maintain your hold on the top button.
    recovery mode ipad without home button
  5. A pop-up message will notify you that iTunes has detected your device in Recovery Mode. Click on the Restore iPad button and confirm the action.
  6. iTunes will now restore your iPad to the factory settings, ideally resolving the boot loop issue.

3. Dealing with an iPad Stuck in Boot Loop due to Low Battery or Charging

In certain instances, an iPad may enter a restart loop when its battery is running low or while charging. Should you find yourself in this situation, the following solution may help:

  1. Plug your iPad’s USB cable for charging into a wall power outlet. The device will restart, and the Apple logo should appear.
  2. As soon as the Apple logo pops up, unplug the charger. You should briefly see your home screen. Quickly plug the charger back in, as this screen will flash briefly.
  3. The iPad will shut down and should not reboot again. Let your iPad charge undisturbed for at least 30 minutes before attempting to use it again.

How Do I Unfreeze My iPad Stuck on the Apple Logo?

There are moments when an iPad becomes unresponsive and appears stuck on the Apple logo. This is often a result of software issues that have affected the boot-up process. Luckily, there are ways to unfreeze your iPad:

  • Perform a Hard Reset: This process forces your iPad to restart without affecting any data. To do this, follow the steps we have detailed above.
  • Use Recovery Mode: If a hard reset doesn’t work, putting your iPad into Recovery Mode is another option. We have also mentioned the steps for this in the above section.

Remember, if these methods do not work, you may need to seek professional assistance or contact Apple support.

How Do I Fix a Boot Loop without a Factory Reset?

If you’re grappling with a boot loop stuck issue and are wary of a factory reset due to potential data loss, worry not, as there’s another solution available – performing a hard reset. Contrary to a factory reset, a hard reset does not erase your data, making it a safer alternative. Follow the instructions above to do a hard reset and fix the boot loop issue on your iPad.

Preventing iPad Boot Loop: Essential Tips

Notably, prevention is always better than cure. By being proactive and taking certain measures, you can substantially decrease the risk of your iPad getting caught in a boot loop. Here are some key recommendations:

  1. Regular Data Backup: It’s critical to regularly back up your data before initiating any system updates or attempting a jailbreak. This ensures that even if your iPad falls into a boot loop, your important data remains safe.
  2. Utilizing Antivirus Software: There are several reliable antivirus software options available on the market. Installing one can safeguard your iPad from potentially harmful malware or a virus attack that could trigger a boot loop.
  3. Maintaining Regular iPad Software Updates: Regularly updating your iPad’s software ensures that it is running the latest and most stable version of iPadOS. This could effectively prevent boot loop issues as most updates include fixes for known bugs and issues.

By following these preventive tips, you can avoid the panic and frustration of dealing with an iPad stuck in a boot loop. These recommendations also have the added advantage of improving the overall performance and security of your iPad.

Hardware Issues That Can Cause Boot Loop Issues:

While we’ve mostly discussed software bugs leading to boot loops so far, it’s crucial to recognize that hardware issues can also cause your iPad to fall into this frustrating cycle. If you get the iPad boot loop after a screen replacement, or if the screen is red, some potential hardware culprits could be faulty buttons, a problematic battery, or issues with the motherboard.

If you’ve attempted all the above software solutions without success, it may be worthwhile to consider the possibility of a hardware malfunction. In such a case, consulting with an Apple-certified technician or visiting an Apple store may be your best bet to diagnose and resolve the issue. Understanding that a boot loop can arise from hardware failure can help users better navigate their troubleshooting process and seek the right kind of help when needed.

Apple Support and Warranty: The Next Steps for Complex Issues

Should you encounter a boot loop problem that persists despite trying all the methods discussed above, it may be time to reach out to the professionals at Apple Support. They are well-equipped to handle more complex issues and can provide assistance tailored to your specific situation.

It’s also important to understand the coverage offered by Apple’s warranty. If your iPad is still under warranty, many hardware repairs may be conducted at no additional cost to you. Even if the warranty has expired, getting an official diagnosis from Apple can help you understand the full extent of the issue and guide you in deciding the best course of action.

ipad support

To get in touch with Apple Support, you can visit their website or use the Apple Support app. You can also book an appointment at an Apple Store Genius Bar for in-person assistance. Remember to back up your iPad data before any repairs are undertaken, as this process could potentially erase your device. Understanding Apple’s support and warranty can provide a safety net for your device, ensuring that even the toughest problems can be tackled effectively.


A boot loop can be a daunting problem for any iPad owner. However, the fixes outlined in this guide: a hard reset, restoring your iPad via iTunes, and addressing low battery or charging-related boot loops, are proven methods for rectifying this issue without resorting to a factory reset. The key is patience and persistence. Don’t be disheartened if the first solution doesn’t solve the problem; just move on to the next one.

Remember, technology isn’t infallible, and issues are bound to crop up now and then. When they do, troubleshooting guides like this one can be a lifeline. So, go ahead, try these solutions, and get your iPad running smoothly again. Be sure to share your experiences and help others who might be grappling with a similar problem.

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