macOS: 26 Trello Keyboard Shortcuts to Speed Up Usage

At The Mac Observer we use Trello to organize and schedule what everyone is working on. Unsatisfied with point-and-click, I recently discovered Trello keyboard shortcuts to speed up my usage of the app.

26 Trello Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. To find Trello keyboard shortcuts while you’re using the app, press Shift + / (?).
  2. Navigate Cards: Use the arrow keys to navigate, or press K for “up” and J for “down.” When a card is highlighted, use other shortcuts to perform an action.
  3. Open Header Boards Menu: Pressing B opens the boards menu at the top. Use arrow keys to navigate, and Enter to open a board.
  4. Focus Search Box: Pressing / inserts the cursor in the search box at the top.
  5. Archive Card: C
  6. Due Date: D
  7. Quick Edit Mode: E
  8. Close Menu/Cancel Editing: Esc
  9. Save Text: Pressing Command + Enter will save any text you’re writing, like commends, card titles, list titles, descriptions, and more.
  10. Open Card: Enter
  11. Open Card Filter Menu: F
  12. Label: Press L then a number key. 0 = black, 1 = green, 2 = yellow, 3 = orange, 4 = red, 5 = purple, 6 = blue, 7 = sky, 8 = lime, 9 = pink.
  13. Toggle Label Names: Pressing ; will show or hide label names on a board.
  14. Add/Remove Members: Pressing M will open the members menu. Click a person’s avatar to add or remove them.
  15. Insert New Card: N
  16. Move Card to Adjacent List: Pressing , or . will move a card to the bottom of the adjacent left or right list. Pressing < or > will move a card to the top of the adjacent left or right list.
  17. My Cards Filter: Press Q to show the cards assigned to you, then press it again to hide it.
  18. Watch: Press S to watch/un-watch a card.
  19. Assign Self: Space
  20. Edit Title: T
  21. Vote: V
  22. Toggle Board Menu: Pressing W will collapse or expand the board menu on the right.
  23. Clear All Filters: X
  24. Autocomplete Members: Press Shift + 2 (@) then a member’s name, username, or initials.
  25. Autocomplete Labels: Press Shift + 3 (#) plus the label name or color to get a list of matching labels.
  26. Autocomplete Position: Press Shift + 6 (^) plus a list name or position when adding a new card.

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