End a Call with the iPhone’s Power Button and Other Hardware Button Tricks

The hardware keys on your iPhone may seem like one of the more uninteresting parts of your device. However, they can perform a variety of extra functions.

End a Call With The iPhone Power Button

Obviously, a call can be ended with the red hang-up button on-screen. However, you can click the hardware power button on the side of your iPhone and that hangs up the call too.

Silence or Reject Calls With a Hardware Button

We all have those moments when you just do not want to take a call and you need to silence your phone ASAP. A quick way to do this is by pressing any hardware button on your iPhone, i.e. the power or volume keys. Furthermore, pressing the power button twice quickly when you have an incoming call rejects it. The caller is sent to voicemail or whatever other rejected all settings you have setup.

User the Volume Keys as a Camera Shutter

For most of us, our iPhones’ are our cameras. Instead of using the software button to take a picture, you can press the volume keys. Not only can this sometimes be more convenient, but it also makes it feel like you’re using an old-school camera, not a smartphone!

One thought on “End a Call with the iPhone’s Power Button and Other Hardware Button Tricks

  • My wife and I both have iPhone Xs. She called me and after I picked up and we exchanged a few words, I tried to hang up by pressing the SideButton on the phone and the call was definitely not ended. When I returned to the home screen, there was the call still active, my wife could still hear me, and the end-call on that screen was still active and needed to be tapped to end the phone..

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