macOS: Putting the Old Software Update Icon in Your Dock

Hey, remember this little guy?

macOS Software Update Dock Icon

That’s right—you can get the old Software Update app back in your Dock. Why would you want to? Well, this’ll give you a one-click way to check for updates, which is faster than using the App Store and clicking on the proper tab. And heck, it’s WAY faster than using the Apple Menu to check for updates if you don’t keep the App Store in your Dock. Plus, doesn’t it give you warm-and-fuzzy nostalgia for versions of macOS gone by? It sure does for me.

Anyhow, if you wanna put this in your own Dock, it’s easy! Start by clicking on the Finder icon on the left side of your Dock to activate that program, and then click on the “Go” menu at the top and choose “Go to Folder.”

Use the macOS Go to Folder option to get into hidden folders

Then you’ll type or paste the following in the box that appears:


Like so:

CoreServices folder path in macOS

Press “Go” there, and when the CoreServices folder opens, look for the Software Update app, then just drag it down and drop it in your Dock.

Software Update App in the CoreServices folder in macOS

And that’s it! One-click update-checking, plus gooey memories of How Things Used to Be. Makes me pretty happy in a weird sort of way.

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