How to Play Apple Music Radio and Playlists on an Amazon Alexa Device

Apple Music 1 Logo

Apple Music 1, the rebranded radio station, can be accessed on third-party devices, including Amazon’s Echo dot and other Alexa-enabled smart speakers. Users can also listen to playlists curated either by the company or yourself with voice commands too. It all helps get more use out of the service.

Play Apple Music Radio 1 and Playlists on Amazon Alexa Devices

First things first, users need to link their Apple Music account to the smart speaker. Once that’s done, users can listen to the radio station with the voice command: “Alexa, play Apple Music 1.” (I have not had much success getting it to play the other radio stations – Country and Hits…)

To listen to playlist, commands in the following format tend to work –¬†Alexa, play:

  • ‘Today’s Hits’ playlist on Apple Music
  • ‘Chill Mix’ on Apple Music
  • ‘[Your Name’s] Station’ on Apple Music.

Being specific with the name of the playlists is important. And enable Alexa Follow-Up mode to control and play songs without waking it up each time.

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