Two Creative Apple Watch Faces with Spiderman and Snoopy

Spiderman Apple Watch Face

One of the great things about an Apple Watch is the ability to change the face at will to whatever you want it to be. Twitter user deanfx has created a couple of images that can significantly up your watch face game.

First he has the Spidey-Face, which you can download yourself and looks like this:

Then he offered up a Snoopy one as well:

Both are nice because they aren’t super bright, so if you sometimes get blinded by a kaleidoscope face or just want to have a “Dark Mode” on your watch like your Mac will soon have, these are the faces for you.

These are notable for being creative, and I love them, but not as much as I love The Goonies, so while both of these faces are great, I’ll be sticking with my current face, that of one Lawrence “Chunk” Cohen:

Goonies Never Say Die! But sometimes they do say IT’S WHAT TIME??

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