The Story and Analysis of Apple’s Trillion Dollar Journey

Apple store at Park Meadows Mall, Lone Tree, CO

Apple store at Park Meadows Mall, Lone Tree, CO

How Apple Did It

In “Apple’s Road to a Trillion Dollar Company,” Tim Bajarin tells the story of Steve Jobs’s return to Apple in July, 1997. Then Steve and, later, Tim Cook, brought huge success to Apple. Bajarin provides some great background on how it happened.

In late 1996, while serving as an outside adviser to Apple and their executive committee, I was called in to meet with then CEO Gil Amelio. During this meeting, he asked me about the idea of acquiring NeXT and bringing Steve Jobs back to work with him as a consultant to this project. The idea was to use the NeXT OS core for the new Mac OS and build on this.

It’s the kind up-close and personal story that reveals how Apple started its ascent from beleaguered to being worth a trillion dollars. In his section “Fundamentals of the Journey,” author Bajarin lists the reasons for Apple’s rise from the depths. This is a good read and sets the stage for market analysis.

What It Means for Apple, Investors and Customers

In this next article, Jim Cramer writes: “10 reasons why Apple hitting $1 trillion matters for the stock market.

As I’ve observed on TMO’s Daily Observation Podcast, the number itself is meaningless compared to, say, US$900 billion or $1.2 trillion. But the psychological impact is all out of proportion to the number itself, expressed in U.S. dollars.

Just the fact that this success is being met with enthusiasm instead of fear or derision speaks volumes about Tim Cook’s values and leadership. Cramer explains why that’s so.

Of course, our emotional investment in Apple’s products doubles up with the company’s financial success and our enthusiasm for that. The two are, of course, entangled.

But then, we knew that all along.

Next Page: The News Debris for the week of July 30th. AI tech is our fate.

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W. Abdullah Brooks, MD

John: A lot to process here, as I’m sure you realise, so let’s dive in. Your lede, Apple hitting the trillion dollar milestone, what it means and how Apple got there are all interesting, and worthy of study. No doubt, Apple will continue to be studied by business schools and academia in marketing, product design, engineering, human and machine/AI interface, robotics, and military strategy (yes, that too) for generations to come. And while the trillion dollar milestone is as arbitrary as its namesake (milestones in a metric system?), its achievement is no less indelible on our collective psyche, and rightly,… Read more »


With all this money Apple should reduce the price of its products. They are losing market share on laptops and desktops because of price and no expandability.

Lee Dronick

I am sure that Apple is doing ongoing analysis and set their price points to bring the best financial return.


All of this fear mongering about AI reminds me what the upper class in previous centuries feared about public education teaching the lower classes how to read.

Lee Dronick

That was when the Skynet seed was planted. 😀