How to Type an Interrobang on Your iPhone or iPad

Interrobang symbol in iPhone Text Replacement feature

Let’s say you know what an interrobang is, and let’s also say you want to type one on your iPhone or iPad. How do you do it? Read on to learn how.

First, an interrobang is a punctuation symbol that looks like an exclamation point and question mark smashed together. Here’s what it looks like: ‽

Yes, it’s a real Unicode character, but it isn’t on the iOS keyboard. You could install a third-party keyboard that includes the symbol, or you could go the easy route and set it up yourself.

Here’s what to do:

  • View this article on your iPhone or iPad and copy the interrobang symbol from this article ‽
  • Now launch the Settings app
  • Choose General
  • Tap Keyboard
  • Select Keyboard
  • Tap Text Replacement
  • Tap the + symbol in the upper right corner
  • Paste the interrobang symbol in the Phrase field
  • Type !? in the Shortcut field
  • Tap Save
Interrobang symbol in iPhone Text Replacement feature
Use the Text Replacement feature on your iPhone or iPad to type the interrobang symbol

Now whenever you need to use the interrobang just type !? and iOS will automatically convert it to the right symbol.

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What?! Never heard of the interobang. But I will be using it now.