Why Am I Getting Billed for APPLE COM ONE?


It’s common for a credit card bill to have a strange line item that you may not be familiar with. Companies may use a third-party billing system or go by a different name. One example of a strange name showing up on many people’s bank statements is a bill payment to APPLE COM ONE. In most cases, there is nothing to worry about as long as you authorized the transaction.

What Is APPLE COM ONE on My Credit Card Bill?

APPLE COM ONE is a charge from Apple. The most common charge is for an Apple One subscription. If that’s the case, the payment amount will be around $20, $26, or $38 plus tax. Apple One is a monthly subscription service, so you should see a payment for the same amount in previous statements.

Alternatively, this could be from other online purchases, such as digital subscriptions, media purchases from the TV app, or even hardware purchases from the Apple website. Some Apple Pay users also report seeing this charge on their statement after making a purchase using the contactless payment method.

To definitively find out what the charge is, check your Apple account for recent purchases. If you still haven’t had any luck, contact Apple customer service for detailed information about the charges.

How Do I Get APPLE COM ONE Charges Reversed?

To get APPLE COM ONE charges reversed, it is best to first find out what the charges are. Apple sends an invoice for all transactions, so check the email attached to your Apple ID for an itemized bill. If the charges are from an Apple subscription, then you can contact Apple to request a refund.

However, charges stemming from an Apple Pay transaction should be taken up with the retailer first. Remember that Apple may not reverse the charges for subscription services as these are non-refundable. In rare cases, the transaction could be the result of fraud. In this case, you should contact Apple and your financial institution to reset passwords and lock accounts.

What Happens if Apple Can’t Reverse the Charges?

If Apple can’t reverse the charge, and you feel it is not legitimate, contact your bank to file a chargeback. You must provide details about the transaction and explain that you did not authorize it. You should also get a new debit/credit card and change your bank account’s login info in case they were compromised.

Does APPLE COM ONE Mean I’ve Been Hacked?

Seeing APPLE COM ONE on your bank statement doesn’t mean your Apple account was hacked. However, if you cannot pinpoint the transaction on your Apple account or find an emailed invoice, then it is possible. To avoid this, ensure your Apple ID password is unique, and never share it with anyone.

Is APPLE COM ONE for My Apple One Subscription?

Apple One subscription charge on credit card bill

The most common charge associated with APPLE COM ONE is an Apple One subscription. The exact prices for Apple One may vary depending on the plan and whether or not taxes are added. People often forget when they start a free Apple One trial and may see an APPLE ONE COM charge if they don’t cancel.

Is APPLE COM ONE My Apple Credit Card Payment?

APPLE COM ONE is not your Apple Card payment. An Apple Card payment shows up as APPLECARD GSBANK on your bank statements. The APPLE COM ONE transaction is specifically for goods or services purchased directly from Apple.

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