6 Calculator Apps for Apple Watch

Watches from a few decades ago included calculators, so why not Apple Watch? Even though Apple didn't include a calculator app on its smartwatch that doesn't mean you can't add one yourself. TMO's Jeff Gamet rounded up a few and checked them out for you. Read on to see what he liked and what he didn't.

TMO rounds up some Apple Watch calculator appsTMO rounds up some Apple Watch calculator apps


QApps calls CALC "the most evolved smart calculator," and while it may not have achieved sentience, it is a pretty slick calculator. It offers everything you need for calculations that go beyond simply adding or dividing two numbers, includes a tip calculator, and lets you speak to enter equations, too. CALC is free, but offers US$1.99 in-app purchase for advanced functions and a unit converter.

CALC is a fully functional calculator on your wristCALC is a fully functional calculator on your wrist


Calcbot on Apple Watch is a little like three apps in one: it's a calculator, a unit converter, and a tip calculator. It can also quickly split bills to make sure no one underpays and then slips away from your lunch meeting. Calcbot is free, and offers in-app purchases for more features.

Calcbot's tip calculator is pretty slickCalcbot's tip calculator is pretty slick

Calcy Calc

If all you need is a basic calculator without any extra features, like a tip calculator, Calcy Calc might just fit the bill—assuming you can put up with some quirks. First, the companion iPhone app does nothing more than allow Calcy Calc to appear on your Apple Watch. Second, the interface seems a little buggy in that sometimes tapping an on-screen button also registers an adjacent button as tapped, too. Calcy Calc costs $0.99.


Instead of going with a traditional calculator key layout, Cruncher offers an interface designed to work more efficiently on Apple Watch's small display. The app shows a subset of buttons, and based on what you tap, other buttons appear. It's a clever way to use the Apple Watch screen space, and if you're OK with a non-traditional keypad, it's at least worth trying out. Cruncher is free.

Cruncher sports a unique calculator interfaceCruncher sports a unique calculator interface


PCalc is the go-to calculator on the Mac and iPhone, and even though it's loaded with features for scientists, engineers, and coders, it makes the move to Apple Watch with grace. PCalc on Apple Watch supports engineering and scientific notation, includes hexidecimal, octal, and binary calculations, and offers an RPN mode, too. It also includes a great tip calculator, Handoff support, and shows your most recent calculations. PCalc Lite is free, and PCalc costs US$9.99.

PCalc is a favorite for scientists, engineers, and codersPCalc is a favorite for scientists, engineers, and coders

tizi Calc

If you're looking to make your calculator app match your style, tizi Calc has you covered. The app includes more than 20 different calculator skins, including one that looks like an old-school Casio calculator watch. It also includes a tip calculator, and Handoff support so you can start a calculation on your wrist, then finish it on your iPhone. tizi Calc is free and includes in-app purchases for additional calculator themes.

tizi Calc lets you customize the look of your calculatortizi Calc lets you customize the look of your calculator

After trying out these calculator apps on my Apple Watch I'm torn between Calcbot and PCalc. Both are great with proven track records, and they're both great and handled my calculations just as I expected. Calcy Calc was disappointing, and Cruncher's interface didn't fit well with the way my brain processes numbers. CALC's Siri support is pretty cool, and I liked tizi Calc's wide selection of interface skins.

My advice: The best two Apple Watch calculator apps today are PCalc and Calcbot. Stay away from Calcy Calc until the developer fixes the app's interface issues.