Apple Dumped Google Maps Before Contract Ended

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Apple's decision to drop Google's maps in favor of its own solution came with a year left on their contract, and the announcement caught the Internet search giant off guard.

Apple dumped Google Maps for iOS with a year left on its contractSince Google wasn't expecting Apple to drop its Maps app -- an announcement that happened during Apple's annual developer conference earlier this year -- it didn't have enough time before the launch of iOS 6 to get its own native app ready to go, according to the New York Times. Apple moved away from Google's bundled Maps app last week with the release of iOS 6.

The Maps app that ships as part of iOS 6 includes Apple's own cartography along with turn-by-turn directions, which is a feature that wasn't available on the iPhone even though Android users have been able to get turn-by-turn directions for some time. Apple has also come under fire from users over inaccurate map data, although the company says that should improve quickly.

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt said this week that his company doesn't have a native iPhone app ready to go yet, but anonymous sources say one is in development.

For now, Google Maps fans can visit the website on their iPhone where they'll see steps for adding the page as a Web app to their home screen. The Web version offers uses Google's own mapping data, and includes Street View, which is missing from Apple's Maps app.

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And suddenly every fandroid cares about the quality of a user experience…


is this story true and confirmed by sources inside Apple or is this one of the many rumors out there trying to figure out the situation between Google and Apple with regards to the map information?

I am sure that Google, as a developer for iOS, had some idea that Apple was going to drop Google just by seeing what they were doing development wise with iOS 6.  So were they really blindsided or is this just another tale?

Maybe when Tim Cook has his biography written, we will find out Apple’s version of what went on.



I posed this question in a comment on another story, but will ask here, too: Is there any way Apple would approve a Google Maps app for the App Store? That would seem to defeat the whole purpose of Apple creating its own map app, especially if iOS users downloaded the Google Maps app in droves and abandoned Apple’s Maps app in favor of it.

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