China's Military Bans Apple Watch and Other Wearable Tech

Apple may have a hard time finding a place on the wrist of Chinese soldiers because the country's military has banned Apple Watch as a potential security threat. Other companies are up against the same brick wall, too, because the military sees wearable tech devices as tools enemies could use to spy, or to track soldier's movements.

China's military calls Apple Watch and other wearables a cybersecurity threatChina's military calls Apple Watch and other wearables a cybersecurity threat

The Chinese Defense Ministry considers the devices a serious security threat saying, "The use of wearables with Internet access, location information and voice-calling functions should be considered a violation of national security regulations when used by military personnel."

Apple Watch clearly fits into that category, although many of its functions rely on a companion iPhone. Apple's smartwatch includes a microphone and speaker intended for voice dictation, Siri commands, and phone calls, although China's government sees them as potential eavesdropping tools.

While the decision fits with China's cybersecurity efforts, it also makes it easier for the government to control information and data within its borders—something China is keenly interested in maintaining. The move also adds yet another obstacle for foreign companies like Apple that want to compete with local brands.

For Chinese soldiers hoping to sport the latest Apple tech, however, the policy means their wrists won't look quite as cool as US and European counterparts.

[Thanks to The HIll for the heads up]