Closeup Photo of Apple’s New Mac Pro

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We know you want to see it, so here you go: a closeup photo of Apple's new Mac Pro. This is the device from the back with the ports in view. The hand being held up for scale belongs to our friend Neil Ticktin of MacTech.

We appreciate that, because it shows you just how small this baby is. Also, note that the device is being shown inside a glass tube, similar to the way the original iPhone was shown at Macworld Expo in 2007 when it was introduced 6 months before it shipped.

Mac Pro Closeup

Apple's New Mac Pro
(Click the image for a larger, mor closeupy version)

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More! More, darn you!


Yikes! That thing is small. Someone will come up with a bag to carry this so-called desktop around.


Will it be available with the display case? smile


Forgive the ignorance guys but does one connect their display via Thunderbolt only as am not seeing any display ports from the graphics cards.


I believe that is the best option. There is an hdmi port too.

Scott B in DC

Apple’s website (and you have to go see their presentation… it’s as beautiful as the machine!) says that new machine will be 9.9 inches tall and 6.6 inches in diameter. That’s like a double-sized Fosters beer can!


I still can’s tell if that sucker is black or silver.

Bryan Chaffin

That Mac is black, iJack.


ahh the evolution, G4 cube, mac min and now the trash can. its is beautiful. but I wonder how many pros are going to like having so many external HD on their desks since there is no internal expansion. I sure hope the entry level price on this thing is under 2 grand, can’t see shelling out a lot just to have to buy raid drives for storage.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Damn, I just creamed my coffee!

I doubt I *need* it, but right now I *want* it.

btw, it’s aluminium, but it’s blackened somehow, so one might say it’s both black and silver.

I wonder at the cost. Current one seem overpriced now, given the power of an iMac (and the macbooks).

Mon Mon

Talking about aesthetics and usability, i dont see that convenient to have all the inputs in the front. I mean all the cables are gonna hide its beauty shape, plus in a recording studio it’s better to have most of the inputs in the back of the machine for connection purposes. Unless this thing has like a button in the back and you can turn the mac so the back looks like the front or something like that..haha I dont know.!

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