Demolition Begins on Steve Jobs’s House

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Demolition has, at long last, begun on the 17,250 square-foot mansion in Woodside, CA owned by Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Mr. Jobs has been battling local preservationists on the project for years, but won permission to demolish the home in March of 2010. The San Jose Mercury News reported that crews had begun the works Monday (yesterday).

The house was designed and built for copper mining magnate Daniel Jackling (hence its name, the Jackling House) in 1925 by architect George Washington Smith. The home was built in Spanish Colonial Revival style, and was considered a local landmark by some in the community.

Mr. Jobs purchased the property in 1984, where he lived for some ten years. He then rented it out for several years, but it remained vacant starting in 2001 when the iconic tech legend decided to tear down the home and build a new, smaller house. That’s when the battle with preservationists begun.

Starting with that decision in 2001, there was a series of back and forth battles that included Mr. Jobs winning the backing of the Woodside town council to destroy the home, followed by court victories by Uphold Our Heritage that effectively required Mr. Jobs to renovate and preserve the existing structure.

In March of 2010, a San Mateo court ruled that Mr. Jobs had successfully proved that it would cost many millions of dollars more to renovate than to tear down and rebuild, clearing the way for the project to continue. At one point, an investor named Gordon Smythe had agreed to dismantle and move the house to another location, but that plan appears to have fallen by the wayside in Woodside as the demolition began on Monday.

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Steve’s always been willing to abandon the old and embrace the new.


I have a real problem with people ( anyone ) destroying historical buildings, once gone they are lost forever. Shame it could not of been moved, not like he doesn’t have the money to do it.


Oh well, Mr. Jobs will be forever known as that guy who demolished a really awesome Landmark that he owned for twenty-seven years. Good job Jobs.

Thomas Paine

You [absurd expletive deleted by Bryan] idiots want to preserve it? offer a couple billion dollars if you’re useful of doing anything..


Who’s going to pay for the upkeep of the structure once it’s moved?  Have there been tourists expressing a desire to tour the old home of some rich mining magnate?  Really?  Let’s be realistic, people.  Preservation of structures that play key roles in our history is one thing, but every single house and mansion over 80 year’s old, really?  There are shanties in the West Virginia mountains that may be that old, or older, will you preserve them, as well, to show a balanced historical view of American life?

So, let’s preserve another building, just one more thing for the tax payers to take responsibility for.

My opinion is that Mr. Jobs purchased the property, and as the rightful owner, should be allowed to modify, destroy and rebuild as he sees fit.  Heck, 80 years from now, there’s going to be another preservationist crying to save what ever little house Mr. Jobs finally builds on the property.

Lee Dronick

I have a real problem with people ( anyone ) destroying historical buildings, once gone they are lost forever. Shame it could not of been moved, not like he doesn?t have the money to do it

Some photos taken when it wasn’t inhabited, abandoned for a number of years. Very interesting architecture, but too big to move, at least in one piece. Also I don’t know about the structure integrity in regards to termite damage, especially with the roof leaks and all


Historical preservation is a good thing.
Uphold Our Heritage had several years to come up with a plan and backing to preserve the house.
More people bought Zune’s than signed on to help them.
Obviously there was not a huge outcry among the public to save this place.
Apparently few people outside of the little close-knit group of activists gave a d*mn what happened to the place.

It’s SJ’s private property so he gets to decide what to do with it. If someone wanted to restore it they should have stepped up with the several million needed to do it, not expect SJ to absorb the cost.


It’s his house
What makes you think anyone could tell him what he can or can’t do with it?



As much as I want to just say that Steve Jobs should be able to do anything he wants with what he owns, I can’t help but say that there are cultural rights that transcend his property rights. And keep in mind, the place wasn’t a dump when he moved in back in 1983, it’s only a dump now cause Steve Jobs decided to let it become a dump.

Brian Hickey /

Nice to hear some good bantering regarding the redevelopment of established housing stock - after it’s all said and done most of the debate usually centers around what goes up verses what comes down.

Maximilian Kyl

I agree with a lot of those who say historic building should be demolished, but lets get a bit realistic. If the manor would be worth saving, it would have! and those buildings who are worth saving, are…

And in the case of Jobs and the old Daniel Jackling house, true, a shame that it does get demolished, but Steve Jobs new house will be more historical than the Jackling house ever was and could ever be! He is a legend and will be remembered far longer than D.J….

Honestly, think, if it wasn’t because of Jobs, 90% of us, including me, wouldn’t even know who D.J. was…

Maximilian Kyl

Sorry, i mean “shouldn’t be demolished”...

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

[Absurd expletive not actually inserted by Bosco] our heritage.
[Absurd expletive not actually inserted by Bosco] it.
[Absurd expletive not actually inserted by Bosco] it sideways.
[Asburd expletive not actually inserted by Bosco] it on top.
[Absurd expletive not actually inserted by Bosco] it on the bottom.
Just [absurd expletive not actually inserted by Bosco]  it.
[Absurd expletive not actually inserted by Bosco] it with a fork.
And [absurd expletive not actually inserted by Bosco] all of you who wouldn’t give ten cents to preserve it but demand that the great visionary leader Steve Jobs spend his hard earned money to preserve it.

(I really have to appeal to [absurd expletive not actually inserted by Bosco]-ing principal on this. Do-gooder preservationists versus Steve Jobs. A tough call, but the [absurd expletive not actually inserted by Bosco]-ing do-gooders lose.)


Anyone seeing this as a positive statement about Steve Jobs health? Would someone that is supposed to be dying be doing this? Or am I off base with this?


@nealg - Or it could be seen as one more item off his bucket list, before he leaves the park permanently wink


it’s a house.  it’s a house that was rotting away. look at the pics.

This isn’t a 1000 year old lost civilization.. it’s not even a centennial..

Better tear it down now before i rots and molds to the point someone goes in it for photo’s and gets some unknown disease from the mold or hurt….

Cry about something more important.  Like things wrong with our country not this garbage..


I live in Woodside near the SJ estate and fully support SJ’s efforts to demolish and rebuild.  This whole issue dragged on for 10 years longer than it should have.  The Uphold our Heritage group was set up by Jackling descendants who obviously have their own special interests as their highest priority.  A classic case of obstructionist politics.  I hope SJ lives long enough to build his dream home.


Anyone seeing this as a positive statement about Steve Jobs health? Would someone that is supposed to be dying be doing this? Or am I off base with this?

I see it somewhat as a positive statement about his health, but more so see it as a positive statement of his retirement. I suspect he will continue to wind down as Apple CEO over the next few years and hopefully live a healthy and long life in his new smaller house when he is confident that Apple can continue without him. I wish him well, and hope he reads this and includes me in his will!!


And Bosco, thanks for the LOL on your response. Very [Absurd expletive not actually inserted by RonMacGuy]-ing funny.


This is not Apple news. It is not even Apple related tech news.
Stop obsessing about what the Apple CEO does in his private life and stick to relevant tech content. This kind of “news” is akin to the British tabloids coverage of our royalty.
Unless it’s Apple/Mac/iOS related I for one am not interested.


well if his really thta rich just buy a new place to make the house im just saying

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