How Many iPod touches has Apple Sold? How about 100M

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Apple has sold over 100 million of its iPod touch since the portable media player was introduced in 2007. The iPod touch shares many features with the iPhone, and apparently is still popular even without the ability to make phone calls.

iPod touch: Over 100 million soldiPod touch: Over 100 million sold

News of the iPod touch sales figures comes courtesy of Apple's PR team talking with The Loop's Jim Dalrymple.

Apple also added a 16GB Retina Display model to the iPod touch lineup on Thursday, adding a lower priced model to its current 4-inch display offerings. The US$229 model replaces the fourth generation iPod touch that was still available, giving all of Apple's current touch lineup the same screen and dual-core A5 processor.

The iPod touch has been a great option for kids and anyone that want's a phone-free media player, and it has proven to be a popular gaming platform, too. Despite the fact that the 16GB model doesn't include a rear-facing camera or wrist strap attachment, and is available only in silver, there's a good chance it'll sell well especially since it replaces the older fourth generation model and streamlines the product line.

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With the new low end iPod touch available now, plus the announcement that over 100 million units have been sold so far, we have to wonder if there's something in store for the iOS-based media player at Apple's World Wide Developer Conference in June.

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I have one, a 4th Gen. The single most useful device I’ve ever owned. I literally use it 24 hours a day, from e-mail and IM to games, and notes, to listening to the CBC in the day and the BBC in the middle of the night. It also showed me how well iOS worked. We now have an iPad2 and will get another iPad this fall. The iPod Touch plus a cheap ‘dumb’ phone does everything I might need an iPhone for.

I just wish the camera was better.


I agree, geoduck. When I got my iPod touch it was my favorite tech device ever. I used one (2nd then 4th generation) along with a Virgin Mobile flip phone for years before T-mobile’s $30/month no-contract plan (with good 3G/4G coverage in the Twin Cities) finally pushed me toward a used iPhone 4s. It’s unfortunate that the Touch camera is so bad for still shots. I could handle having two devices in my pockets, but having to also carry a camera anytime I wanted decent photos was a pain. Even now the iPod touch still gets use as a music player and kids’ gaming device. Has there ever been an Android equivalent to the iPod touch?

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