iOS 8: Apple Finally Fixes its iPhone Weather App

In iOS 7, Apple's native weather app had rather sparse information about the local conditions, and it was hard to find. iOS 8 fixes all that and includes a better presentation of sunrise, sunset, atmospheric pressure and more.



In iOS 7, the default presentation was the city, cloud conditions, and the temperature. That was pretty sparse information.

iOS 7

If you'd tap on the temperature, the display would provide a little bit more information, but not enough to be a thoroughly pleasing job. And if you didn't use The Weather Channel app, you may not have thought to tap on the temperature for more data.

Not completely pleasing data.

Worse, the hour-by-hour graphic would show the sunset time, but not the sunrise time if the time was after sunrise. I complained about that in my review of the Amazon Fire Phone—which did it right.

iOS 8 provides the same basic presentation, but you no longer tap on the temperature to bring up more information.

iOS 8

Instead, scroll down to see a a whole lot more iweather data including the atmospheric pressure, sunrise, sunset, precipitation and more.

Now we're getting somewhere.

This is the more complete data Apple should have provided in the first place.