iPhone 5: Summary of Case Reviews

TMO has reviewed several iPhone 5 cases in the past few weeks. Here’s a summary of those reviews, the ratings and prices, all in one spot for handy references. We’ll update this summary as new case reviews are published. The manufacturer’s photo is below the description.

1. WaterField's iPhone 5 Wallet/Case Covers All The Bases, 3 Oct 2012, rated 4/5 (Great), US$39.99. In addition to the special area for the iPhone 5, there is a large section for cash and two pockets for credit cards. The stitching is heavy duty and exact, the zipper is heavy duty, and the zipper has a self-locking closure. It looks like a standard wallet that also holds an iPhone 5. 

WaterField Wallet/Case

2. Seidio's ACTIVE Combo iPhone 5 Case is Versatile, 4 Oct 2012, rated 4.5/5 (Great), $49.95. The new ACTIVE Combo case for the iPhone 5 from Seidio offers a two part case that includes a built-in metal kickstand and a third layer -- a holster that contains a heavy duty clip. Using the case with or without the added holster provides excellent protection.



3. Griffin's Survivor iPhone 5 Case is Rugged, 8 Oct 2012, rated 4.5/5 (Great), $49.99. The new Survivor iPhone 5 case from Griffin Technology styles itself as a military-duty case and belt clip. This case is indeed rugged with three layers of tough protection and a belt clip which doubles as another layer of security.

Griffin Survivor

4. Seidio's SURFACE Combo iPhone 5 Case Shines. 12 Oct 2012, rated 4/5 (Great), $49.95. The SURFACE iPhone 5 case combo from Seidio is both a case and a companion holster that allows the case to be worn at the belt. The case slides apart for easy insertion and removal of the iPhone.



5. OtterBox Commuter Case for iPhone 5: Top Marks, 29 Oct 2012, rated 5/5 (Outstanding), US$34.95. A dual layer case with an inner silicone cushion and an outer hard shell. It has a nice cutout for the Apple logo and comes with a screen protector. It’s good looking and just about perfect.

OtterBox Commuter

6. Cygnett Workmate Case for iPhone 5: Hybrid & Light, 30 Oct 2012, rated 4.5/5 (Great), $29.99. The Cygnett Workmate case for the iPhone 5 uses a blended construction. Rather than two complete layers of material, the soft silicone and polycarbonate parts are fit together in key places. This saves on weight but also has disadvantages.

Cygnett Workmate

7. Speck SmartFlex Card Case for iPhone 5: Problematic, Expensive, 31 Oct 2012, rated 3/5 (Solid), $34.95.  Speck’s SmartFlex Card for iPhone 5 has a slot that supports up to three credit cards plus cash in a flexible, single layer of protection. It’s a specialty case that has very good construction and materials but is expensive compared to the competition, especially for those who can afford just one case.

Speck SmartFlex

8. Speck FabShell Case for iPhone 5: Stylish, Costly, 1 Nov 2012, rated 3/5 (Solid), $39.95. The Speck FabShell case for iPhone 5, with design by Burton Graphics, is a single layer, semi-hardshell case with hybrid construction: TPE and polycarbonate. These low-tack materials protect from scratches and smudges, and the designs are attractive. There's a lot to like, but the case is expensive as iPhone cases like this go.

Speck FabShell

9. Hex's iPhone 5 Axis Wallet Case is Ideal for Inside Suit Pockets, 5 Nov 2012, rated 4/5 (Great), $49.95.  Hex has updated it’s popular version of the wallet case to fit the new iPhone 5 design. In addition to space for the iPhone 5, the Axis Wallet case has three slots for credit cards and a hidden space for cash or receipts. 

Hex Axis

10. Kensington's Vesto Leather Texture iPhone 5 Cases Feature Style, 5 Nov 2012, rated 4.5/5 (Great), $29.99.  Kensington has introduced a new line of cases for the iPhone 5. The Vesto Leather Texture cases offer five unique textured designs attached to flexible but hard plastic cases. The cases have soft, suede-like lining inside to protect the back of the phone and features large openings for the camera function and controls.

Kensington Vesto


11. Speck CandyShell Case for iPhone 5: Smart & Colorful, 6 Nov 2012, rated 4/5 (Great), $34.95. The Speck CandyShell Flip case for iPhone 5 packs a lot of features into a slim, colorful case. A flip-back panel allows docking without removing the case and also makes it easy to insert the iPhone. An integrated inner shell and soft outer shell do double duty, and the texture sheds lint and keeps the case clean and good looking.

Speck CandyShell