New iPhones: Now With Less Sapphire

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Sapphire glass covers on the new iPhone models are less likely all the time. According to a report from LED Inside, orders should have been placed in large numbers by now, and thus far those orders do not exist in numbers to provide iPhone 6 glass by the expected fall debut of the new iPhone model.

We have heard rumblings about future iPhone models having sapphire glass fronts, but it now appears that sapphire material will only be used as the camera lens and Touch ID sensors, just as on the current models. Supply chain analysts are predicting that those two items alone will dictate demand and manufacturing levels through the end of this year.

So far there are no conclusions about the iWatch cover, LED Inside says more analysis is required to determine the impact of the expected device on sapphire production.

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We know Apple's going to release a new phone, and we have a reasonable guess as to when based on history. Backtracking from an educated guess on a release means there should be way more sapphire glass in production, and since that doesn't hold up, it may be iPhone 2015 before we see the full on sapphire glass cover we've heard discussed.

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To keep it secret the sapphire screens are listed as “Office Supplies.”  So that explains the 1.3 million paper clips ordered individually.


So, Kelly, let me see if I understand this.

According to the Apple rumour mill, the iPhone 6, which has never been announced, and which may or may not be announced this September for Fall release, or not; and which may or may not come in one new size, or two; now will or will not sport a sapphire glass screen.

Now that we have all that sorted, my only question is, who is the author of these rumours, Erwin Schrödinger?


Orders from where? Why would Apple order sapphire when they have thousands of furnaces in Arizona making it? Those plants aren’t taking orders - whatever is produced there goes directly to Apple at least for next couple of years.

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Touch ID for Mac… duh.

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