watchOS 2.1 Released with Support for More Languages

| Product News

Along with iOS 9.1, Apple released watchOS 2.1 on Tuesday. The update for Apple's smartwatch included support for several more language localizations, along with support for right-to-left user interfaces.

watchOS 2.1 includes new language support, Calendar fixes, and morewatchOS 2.1 includes new language support, Calendar fixes, and more

The update also fixed some issues with the Calendar complication, third-party app launching, and Power Reserve mode.

watchOS 2.1 is a free update you can find by launching the Watch app on your iPhone, then tapping General > Software Update. Apple Watch operating system updates take some time, so don't try starting the install unless you have time to spare.



iOS 9.2, not 9.1. Links to the correct article, just wrong text in the link smile

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