SuperTooth’s DISCO Portable Stereo Speaker Is Wireless

The DISCO stereo speaker from SuperTooth is both wireless and portable and is the only portable Bluetooth A2DP stereo speaker on the market able to produce 28 watts of sound. It achieves this with a 12 watt subwoofer and two 8 watt stereo drivers.

DISCO speaker - front view

The DISCO is 12.4 x 3.5 x 2.75-in (315 mm x 89 mm x 70 mm), and weighs 2.5 pounds (1140 grams). It will play up to ten hours at medium volume or up to four hours at high volume. It can be managed from a phone up to 30 feet (~10 m.) away and works with or without Bluetooth. The MSRP is US$149.95, but I found it several places on line at prices less than $120.00. The package includes the DISCO, a fully functional case with elastic handle, Electric plug for charging, 3.5 mm headphone Jack and a user manual printed in several languages. There is a two year warranty.

DISCO speaker - back view

The front of the DISCO contains the control center. Every aspect of the speaker can be managed from this center. 

Control center

The back of the DISCO contains the ports and LED lights that let the user know the status of the charge. The Subwoofer is also on the back.

The DISCO includes a very sturdy case. It fastens with an industrial grade heavy duty strip of Velcro. The DISCO can be removed from the case for use, or it can remain in the case without affecting the sound. The front of the case is padded to protect the speakers and the control when in transit.

DISCO front view in case

The back of the case has a screened opening for the subwoofer and a flip opening that allows ready access to all of the rear ports. When in carry mode, this flap fastens securely with Velcro as well.

Case view - back port access

Using the product

It was easy to sync the Bluetooth between the DISCO and my iPhone and iPad. Once I charged the unit, I was able to easily manage the speaker manually or using Bluetooth. I tested it at a large family event and the sound was adequate for a large room containing 40 people. Everyone could hear just fine and commented on the quality of the bass. I tested it in and out of the case, and all the listeners but one said they couldn’t tell any difference. (That one never likes anything — he’s a glass half empty kinda guy.)


Do I recommend it? 

I do. It is light weight, attractive, produces good sound, and has an excellent carrying case. It works manually or with Bluetooth and is compatible with all phones and players that support Bluetooth A2DP.


Product: Disco speaker

Company: SuperTooth

List Price: US$149.95



Good sounding speaker works manually or with Bluetooth. Offers excellent carrying case and 28 Watts of sound.


None noted.