Trek Folio Case for iPad Mini: Elegant Simplicity

The Brenthaven Trek Folio for the iPad mini is a sterling example of quality, simplicity and excellence of construction. It's what Brenthaven does best. Although it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of some other cases, you get what you pay for and a bit more. It will last forever, and Brenthaven backs it with a lifetime guarantee on every product they sell. I've been using a Brenthaven backpack, I believe I bought in 2003, for the first 17-inch PowerBook G4, taken it around the world a few times, use it nearly every day, and when I dust it off, it doesn't show a speck of wear after going through just about every 17-inch Mac laptop from the first to the last.

The Brenthaven Trek Folio in Blue

The Build

The outside of the Trek Folio feels very similar to the backpack and is textured to assure that it doesn't slip out of your fingers. The inside is faux suede that cushions the iPad while giving it a degree of scratch protection and doesn't leave the screen with dust lines that I've seen with some other cases.

Perfectly aligned speaker and dock cutout


Camera opening and controls


Power, microphone and headphone jack cutouts

The iPad mini inserts into the Trek Folio with a satisfying snap. It fits snugly and there is no possible way the mini will fall out. The fit and finish are superb. All the controls are ever so slightly recessed to protect them but still make them easy to access. The hole for the camera is perfect, the mic and headphone jack is totally accessible and the opening for the speaker grill is precisely fitted to protect, but not obstruct. This attention to detail and good design proves that Brenthaven quality hasn't wavered over the years.

The Trek Folio in Red

The case comes in five colors — black, red, blue, purple and white — and is priced fairly at US$34.95. There are only two viewing positions and, as usual, both of them are in landscape mode. There is a flap on the back of the case that the cover folds back and fits under.

Great typing position

When in the typing position the case is sturdy as a rock. Push it as hard as you like and it won't budge. This didn't happen by accident.

Landscape viewing position

Flip it around and you get the viewing position which is a bit too sharp for my liking, but that's a matter of opinion. The case employs the on/off screen display feature and weighs very little. And that's all there is to it.

The Trek Folio in White


My only suggestion would have been to add a magnet, or latch of some kind, to keep it closed since the cover can easily flop open with nothing to restrain it.

Would I recommend it?

Yes and enthusiastically. It's well made, will last forever, provides a great typing position and doesn't intrude on the use of the iPad mini. Its simplicity is what really impressed me. It doesn't have as many viewing angles as other cases, but what it does it does extremely well, and if my previous experience with Brenthaven is any indication, it will last many years longer than your current iPad mini.

Product: Brenthaven Trek Folio for the iPad mini

Company: Brenthaven

List Price: US$34.95



Guaranteed for life, very sturdy, great attention paid to fit and finish, screen scratch protection, fairly priced, excellent typing angle, comes in a variety of colors, supports on/off display feature, quite attractive


Needs a way to secure the cover from flying open. Only two display positions