X-Doria's Dash Folio iPad mini Case Is Modest & Neat

The Dash Folio case for the iPad mini from x-Doria  provides everything anyone needs in a basic folio case with a touch of style.


Dash Folio case is available in black or brown

The front cover is a multi-layer jacket and includes subtle embossed accents. The cover includes magnets that automatically wake the iPad when opened and put it to sleep when closed. The inside offers a full-frame enclosure that grabs your mini and keeps it securely in place.

Inside view of Dash Folio case

There are multiple stand positions (around 24) and a strap that helps ensure a secure closure when the case is not in use.

Case in standing position - note strap location when not in use.

Using the product

It is very easy to snap the iPad mini into place and you can hear when that happens. It is also fairly easy to remove it by pulling the hard rubber band away from any one side of the iPad mini and working it out of the holder. I do not believe the edges of the holder will stretch over time because of the design and composition of the holder. The entire holder is somewhat flexible.

The lining of the case is a very soft felt and the outside material is imitation leather.

The iPad stays in place once once the case is set up as a stand which makes for comfortable use.

Do I Recommend It?

I do. This is a comfortable case that protects the mini, offers a stand when needed, and features automatic sleep control. The price US$39.99 is reasonable and I found it at prices slightly less than that a a couple of places on line.

Product: Dash Folio Case

Company: X-Doria

List Price: US$39.99



Case provides good protection, offers a stand when needed, and features automatic sleep control.


None noted.