1Password 7 Launches Today, and Here’s How to Download It

Great news for 1Password users: 1Password 7 just launched today and is now ready to download. Here are the new features available as well as instructions on upgrading.

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1Password 7

First, the app has a brand new design and I think it looks great. There’s a new collapsible sidebar that shows you all of your vaults (if you have multiple), so it’s easier to organize your logins. 1Password Mini has also been redesigned, and turns into a window instead of a menu list.

Image of 1Password 7. 1Password 7 now lets you can which accounts you can add two-factor authentication to.
1Password 7 now lets you can which accounts you can add two-factor authentication to

When you’re filling in a login, you now have the option to drag and drop your information, instead of just copy/paste. You can drag and drop things within the app, like when you move logins to a different vault.

Secure Notes now have rich text formatting with Markdown, and you can add headers, bold/italicize text, add lists, and more. There’s a web page handy to learn how to format your notes with Markdown. Tags can now be nested, which means you can create tag categories and sub-categories. To do this, add a slash (/) between words in a tag.


The security of 1Password 7 has been improved. Watchtower can let you know which logins don’t have two-factor authentication enabled, which credit cards are about to expire, and compromised logins.

Speaking of compromised logins, 1Password now integrates with the website Have I Been Pwned?, which lets you know if any of your logins were exposed in a data breach. Finally, if you have a MacBook Pro with Touch ID, 1Password now uses the Secure Enclave to protect your encryption key.

Image of 1Password 7 preferences.
If you want to use Have I Been Pwned?, you’ll have to enable it in the app preferences

How to Upgrade

Upgrading requires macOS Sierra (10.12) or later. If you have a 1Password membership, you’re all set to download 1Password 7. When you first open the app, your accounts and vaults will be imported from the previous app version, and your folders will be converted to tags.

If you downloaded 1Password 6 from the Mac App Store, it won’t automatically update to version 7. It’s available as a separate download on the Mac App Store and 1Password’s website above. As of this writing though, it doesn’t look like it’s in the Mac App Store yet.

Image of 1Password 7 Mini.
1Password Mini is now completely different

If you want to purchase a license for Mac, you’ll have to download it from the AgileBits website. For a limited time licenses are US$49.99 and will be US$64.99 after the promotional period is over.

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Fired up what I thought was OnePassword 7, but it was actually 6. Noticed a separate icon in my Apps folder for 1password 7…. clicked it and was presented with a subscription. I hate subscriptions… they bleed a person dry. It is hard to see the benefit of the software one subscribes to unless it is used on a daily basis. I use almost none of my software on a daily basis so subscribing is like gouging. I don’t use any of it enough to warrant a monthly fee. Therefore, I won’t be upgrading to 7. Just can’t justify the… Read more »

Scott B in DC

I am not sure where you get your pricing from, according to Agile Bits’ website they are going to a subscription model. $2.99 monthly for individuals ($35.88 if billed annually) or $4.99 monthly for families ($59.88 billed annually). They are not offering a one-time purchase option.

This is too bad because I am getting tired of subscription models. Having to keep up with several subscriptions is getting on my nerves. I agree that software developers should be paid. But their attitude of “well, it’s just this one” adds up when you have multiple software subscriptions.


Hope this helps you Scott B

It was in the email sent out about the beta for 1Password 7 it’s on their blog posting from May22nd –


Those of you with a standalone license for version 6 will be prompted to subscribe or purchase a license when 1Password 7 first opens. Licenses will cost $64.99 but are available during our launch special for only $49.99. Licenses are per-person, per-platform so you can use your single license on as many Macs as you have. 1Password 7 for Windows will be released next week as a separate purchase.


Was able to download at 6:44 EST from the app store.
Thanks for the heads up.