Tim Berners-Lee Wants Your Help in Protecting Net Neutrality from Ajit Pai’s FCC

Net Neutrality graffiti on a brick wall

Under Chairman Ajit Pai, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is coming for Net Neutrality, facts and public sentiment be damned. Internet-inventor Tim Berners-Lee wrote an editorial for USA Today asking Americans to help save the Internet from an irresponsible vote on Net Neutrality expected from the FCC.

Net Neutrality graffiti on a brick wall
Net Neutrality, the writing’s on the wall

From that editorial:

Today, one of the greatest threats to the Web in America is the plan by the Federal Communications Commission to roll back America’s open Internet safeguards. Net neutrality is the fundamental principle that all content should be treated equally online. It’s what ensures those millions of local businesses can compete on an equal footing with corporate giants. It’s what stops Internet and cable providers from slowing down services for those who don’t pay a premium, or blocking content that doesn’t boost their own bottom lines.

Ajit Pai and the FCC Are Selling Out Americans

The FCC under Ajit Pai has consistently chosen to sell out Americans for the profit of corporations. Under his leadership, the FCC voted to allow broadband providers to sell our browser history, and a vote that would roll back Net Neutrality in the U.S. is expected soon.

From Mr. Berners-Lee:

Please help. If you believe a small group of companies should not control what you can access online, if you want your small business to be given a level online playing field, if you want the freedom to surf the Web freely with the same rights and privileges as others — call your congressional representatives today to urge them to stop the FCC from overturning net neutrality.

Mr. Berners-Lee has it right. Net Neutrality is fundamental to everything we consider “the internet” to be. John Kheit and I discussed the issue on Pop.0 this week, including a look at what could happen without it. Portugal has an ISP that charges you separately and additionally to allow social media, videos, and other services through to your devices.

That, and worse, will be a reality in the U.S. if Mr. Pai has his way. So heed Tim Berners-Lee call for help and call your Congressional representatives. The House of Representatives has a simple lookup for finding your Representative by ZIP code. The U.S. Senate maintains a contact page for every Senator, by state.

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