This May be The 4K UHD Apple TV We’ve Been Waiting For

4th gen Apple TV with Siri

An Apple filing with the FCC looks very much like it might be a new 4K UHD 5th gen. Apple TV just in time for the December holiday period. It wouldn’t be a stretch to think that the old 4th generation Apple TV from October 2015 had been delayed. And now we may be getting what we wanted all along just one year later.

Apple TV (4G)
The 4th generation Apple TV may be short-lived.

At Last. Signs of 4K UHD Apple TV Appear

Various sites are reporting a confidential submission to the FCC for approval of a device that seems to have the earmarks of a 5th generation Apple TV.

What would be the in-favor arguments?

  1. The 3rd generation Apple TV was released in March, 2012 with a minor update in January 2013. We didn’t get the 4th genration until October 2015, and that gap was painful. It was likely delayed because Apple was waiting to release it, with fanfare, along with a streaming TV service. That failed. Hence the delayed launch of an 1080p device that had been “on the shelf” for a long, long time.
  2. We like to see yearly updates to certain Apple products, and now we may be getting one. Apple may well be on track focusing on the 4K hardware experience and moving away from an agenda driven device.
  3. Late last year, 4K UHD TV was coming along nicely, with beautiful sets available at discount. However, HDR was not in full swing until after CES in January of 2016, and this year, we have HDR standards from the UHD Alliance. HDR 4K UHD TVs are shipping right now. This is the key technology that makes an upgrade from HDTV compelling. And so, I propose this holiday season is the right time for Apple’s much thirsted for 4K/UHD/HDR/DolbyVision Apple TV.

Other rumors suggest that it may be a Siri-driven competitor to Amazon’s Echo, but from the linked article above, this new device has a similar shape and screw placement to the existing Apple TV. I don’t think Apple, if it’s going to compete with the Amazon Echo, is quite ready.

Finally, I should note that when we ask Apple to update its products frequently and remain state-of-the-art, we also need to mindful that we’re prepared to cough up the cash to enjoy those latest products.

And if Apple does release a 5th generation 4K UHD Apple TV, there are many uses for that older, 4th gen. model in other rooms.

Unless you have a 4K UHD TV in every room.

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4 thoughts on “This May be The 4K UHD Apple TV We’ve Been Waiting For

  • A 4K UHD Apple TV would be another incremental product development from Apple: A fine way to keep up with the industry but not a way to lead. As a company with ten to the 11th dollars in the bank they are not leading in a bold way. The problem with TVs is the bundle of wires, contracts, and remote controls that the Apple TV just makes worse (another set top device). Someone please come in and disrupt this space (such is looking to be beyond the DNA of the current Apple management team)!!!!

  • That said, it’s almost certain that Apple will hold an event in October to announce new Macs. However, which ones will be refreshed and which ones won’t even be mentioned is what the buzz is all about. October 11th is the date I’m betting on. Any later, and the holiday buying season will be adversely affected.

    And just this afternoon I shipped my 2011 MacBook Pro to my sister to replace the ancient iBook that I gave her a few years ago, it finally croaked. My plan is to get myself the next new MacBook, MacBook Air, or something. I am also considering the iPad Pro.

    What’s the best way to deal with rapidly out-dated devices when they are upgraded, as Apple TV may soon be? Thanks for any suggestions.

    Give them to a family member 😀

  • “We’re going wireless, please join us.”

    Love to. I don’t like tripping over a cord when I’m using my earbuds or headphones. Show me a BT device isn’t terrible and I might. I sure have never used one. I have a pair of $115 SkullCandy headphones that have never lost pairing or ran out of battery. Show me a BT device that can say the same.

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