Apple Answers Tweets in 4 New iPad Pro Ads

Apple launched four new iPad commercials that respond to real tweets from real folks. The first (included below) is in response to a tweet about iPad not being a real computer. The second spot addresses a tweet about poor Wi-Fi. The third answers whether Microsoft Word is on the iPad (it is), and the fourth notes that iPads aren’t subject to PC viruses. The Twitter accounts are real (Tweet 1 account, Tweet 2, Tweet 3 account, Tweet 4), and The Verge reported that Apple contacted at least one of the tweeters before using their tweets. There’s almost zero chance Apple didn’t do so with all of them. But, Apple used actors to represent the Twitter account owners. It’s an interesting campaign. Some have already noted it’s reminiscent of Apple’s “Get a Mac” campaign. More interesting, though, is that this is the first time I can remember Apple addressing questions like these, especially in an ad. The company is also leveraging social media, an area that hasn’t typically been a strong suit for Apple. They’re not my favorite spots from Apple, but they’re solid. It will be interesting to see if this becomes a major campaign.

Check It Out: Apple Answers Tweets in 4 New iPad Pro Ads

3 thoughts on “Apple Answers Tweets in 4 New iPad Pro Ads

  • Bryan:

    While I take the point that the iPad Pro is not everyone’s cup of tea, and year on year sales have declined (something that I believe to be multi-factorial and imperfectly understood), I see these adverts as Apple proactively retaking control of the narrative of their products, particularly one that is potentially vulnerable public opinion. The responses are well-written, and importantly, not defensive but factual in tone.

    Finally, as someone who uses the iPad Pro professionally, I appreciate the company’s support (less pressure on the user to defend it). Since the 9.7″ Pro’s release, I find, for the first time, that I am more concerned about making sure that I have my iPad than I am my Mac when travelling, even though I can do more with my Mac. Short term, my core professional tasks can now all be done, with the exception of data analysis, on the iPad Pro; and split screen – admittedly a first step – contributes to this.

    As Spock might observe, ‘Fascinating’.

  • I like these ads. They are funny and clever. The question is whether the iPP is up to the task. I’ve wanted to be able to replace my Mac with an iPad since my iPad2. It just hasn’t happened yet. It’s close but all my writing, and graphics, and such need to be finished, polished, refined, on a real Mac before they’re ready to release. As it is iOS prevents me from using this great system to its full potential. I just hope these ads are leading up to a big update for the iPad and padOS.

    But the Ads are fun.

  • It’s beating a dead horse, so I’m not going to say it anymore after this, but I have lost all respect for Apple. They really are now making the toys they only used to be *accused* of producing. I would say that at this point, a good 80% of their offerings just do not appeal to me, they have no practical use in my life. The social media/millennial angle is pure marketing, very transparent, and incredibly lame. I will continue to buy what I consider to be the best technology for myself (I do appreciate Apple’s stance on privacy, for example), but my days of being a cheerleader are over, so very, very over. This is high school level ****, it’s a joke, and I didn’t care for the lowest common denominator when I was actually *in* high school (psst – that hasn’t changed, and I have invested many tens of thousands of personal dollars in this company’s products, again, many of which I no longer recommend. Can their target say the same? Funny word to use in association with commerce, as opposed to say, an enemy, eh? ‘Target’). To me, it’s more remniscent of other companies that lost their way than any glorious return to form. But hey profits are up! So who cares, amiright??? :/ /s

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