Apple Brilliantly Personifies iPhone Security

There are three new “Why Switch”┬ávideos on YouTube. Contacts is clever and does a pretty good job of conveying that it’s easy to move your contacts to iPhone from “your phone.” Smooth makes a good case that video is smoother on iPhone. But Security, now that one is brilliant. It personifies iPhone’s inherent security advantage over (the unnamed) Android in a funny, concise, and elegant way. It’s easy to understand, and I think it’s entertaining. You can watch it below.

Check It Out: Apple Brilliantly Personifies iPhone Security

One thought on “Apple Brilliantly Personifies iPhone Security

  • From the description of it being “brilliant” I was expecting a lot more. I mean it’s not bad. And yes I know Apple is about “less is more.” So I would not expect their commercials to be deep on details. But I was expecting to see something about a sandbox, or something like that. This just says, “can’t get in.” And I think that is elegant (and yes I will contradict myself on some level and say brilliant.) But much like ” perfect love of a pet” and “perfect love of a spouse” are two different kinds of perfection, I was expecting a higher order of brilliance.

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