The Apple analyst Gene Munster, now with Loup Ventures, has provided his predictions for new and updated Apple products at WWDC—which starts June 5th. He includes a probability with each of the four items. Personally, I think the probability for a 10.5-inch iPad Pro should be a little higher, just because Apple is way behind in its iPad refresh cycle. But check out Gene’s estimates and see what you think.

Check It Out: Gene Munster Predicts New Apple Products at WWDC

Gene Munster Predicts New Apple Products at WWDC

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  1. tedlandau

    He mentions iOS 11 coming but not macOS 10.13. I assume that’s just an oversight. Otherwise, quite odd.

  2. geoduck

    iOS11 is a gimme. they ALWAYS preview iOS and macOS at WWDC.
    Updated MAcBook Pros, yes 50^ might be a bit lower than I’d guess but not to quibble.
    I would reverse the 10.5 iPad Pro and Siri Home assistant. The former would, I predict, REPLACE the 9.7″ iPad Pro rather than being another size. The latter is an interesting idea but un;less there are huge improvements to Siri aleo released at WWDC it won’t happen.

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