We’ve reported a lot on The Mac Observer about the growing tensions between Apple and Facebook. Bloomberg News has a good writeup of how things turned sour between the two tech giants, and why this may be just the beginning.

In March 2018, Facebook Inc. was in the midst of a scandal involving political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica and was facing serious questions about its stewardship of its users’ personal data. A commentator on MSNBC asked Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook what he would do if he were in Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s shoes. “I wouldn’t be in this situation,” Cook said…. The feud has escalated rapidly over Apple’s forthcoming update to the software that powers its iPhones, which includes a requirement that developers get explicit permission to collect certain data and track users’ activity across apps and websites. Such a move could undermine the efficacy of Facebook’s targeted advertisements. In December, Facebook took out full-page ads in a trio of U.S. newspapers saying it was “standing up to Apple for small businesses everywhere” by opposing the changes, which it describes as an abuse of market power.

Check It Out: Apple and Facebook Are on a Collision Course

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  1. Lee Dronick

    Zuck, just throw random ads up. Just because I am not interested in a product doesn’t mean that I won’t buy it as a gift for someone who likes that thing.

    I wish Apple, or someone would come out with a good alternative to Facebook. One where I can block “public figures” and groups as easily as I can an individual user. Also one that can figure out how to put the timeline in chronological order and doesn’t shove what they think I want to see to the top.

  2. geoduck

    Immovable object and irresistible force problem.
    One has a fundamental company policy of protecting user data and the other has the taking, and selling of user data as the core of their business model. The trouble is that FaceBook needs Apple products, and Apple sells a lot of products to people who want to use Facebook.
    No idea how this will turn out.

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