Apple Should Have Been Clear About macOS Monterey and M1 Macs

Apple M1 SoC

As we have now learned, users will require an M1 Mac to get all of the features coming in macOS Monterey. Oliver Haslam at iMore thinks that by allowing users and journalists to work this out, instead of properly announcing itself, Apple missed a big opportunity to talk up its own silicon. I rather agree.

What if Apple had made a point out of the M1 Macs getting the full feature set? What if Apple had someone stand on its virtual stage and say “because M1 is so powerful, and thanks to its Neural Engine, we were able to take macOS Monterey a step further on new Macs.” What if someone had rolled out the red carpet, shown the new features off on a bright orange M1 iMac, and pointed out just why the M1 is so great? The whole message would be different. Then, the M1 would be the hero of the piece, flexing its muscle to go above and beyond. Now, it’s the villain as it rips features from Intel’s cold, dead hands.

Check It Out: Apple Should Have Been Clear About macOS Monterey and M1 Macs

5 thoughts on “Apple Should Have Been Clear About macOS Monterey and M1 Macs

  • I agree. Apple didn’t disclose the “requirements” upfront and clearly in the Keynote.
    When I heard about Universal Control (extended Continuity) , I got excited thinking about the workflow advantages to me.
    Then I immediately thought, .what are the requirements? Will it work with some of my older machines?
    Nope. (Sound of other shoe dropping!)
    Now, it’s a negative!

  • What apologist bunk. Nothing in the M1 is necessary for most if not all of the features, most if not all, would work fine on many of the current intel machines. The easy one is the 60seconds vs continuous dictation. Apple licenses dragon dictation software. It works with continuous dictation NOW on intel silicon. This is BS and just more horrendous cowardice and apologist crap from the already pathetic tech press.

    No one has the guts to stand up for users, and instead brow beats them with faux technocrat intelligencia.

    Apple controls it’s tech press like China controls apple. With precanned questions, talking points. It’s really sad.

    1. There’s really two issues here. First you are right I don’t think there is any reason these features don’t work as well, or at all on Intel Macs. Apple just chose not to code the updates for that architecture. However the point in the article is good too. Apple could have stayed ahead of the issue. They could have come out with guns blazing saying “Look what we can do on our M1 Silicon. See how great it is.” They didn’t. They left it up to the tech press to find these issues and report them as flaws. They are now behind the news curve and look bad.

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