Researchers were able to use beer rating app Untappd to track the location history of military and CIA personnel.

Examples of users that can be tracked this way include a U.S. drone pilot, along with a list of both domestic and overseas military bases he has visited, a naval officer, who checked in at the beach next to Guantanamo’s bay detention center as well as several times at the Pentagon, and a senior intelligence officer with over seven thousand check-ins, domestic and abroad. Senior officials at the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Air Force are included as well.

Not even the CIA is safe against the data industrial complex.

Check It Out: How the ‘Untappd’ Beer App Was Used to Track Military, CIA Movements

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  1. geoduck

    But if they want a back door so they can go after criminals, You can be sure they will guard it completely and not let it leak out. /s

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