The next iPad-Pro-as-main-computer narrative comes from Hicks Design. Jon shared his reasoning and workflow, as well as shortcomings & workarounds.

It’s started slowly, but the platform has been maturing and I’ve been using it more and more as my main computer. There are limitations and issues, which I’ll come to, but I keep coming back to it as a my main design tool. There’s something very alluring about this light and portable thin slab of glass that can do (almost) everything I need it to.

Check It Out: How a Designer Uses iPad Pro as the Main Computer

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  1. paikinho

    Would be interesting to get Jon Hicks one of the new Brydge Keyboards that is coming out for review. I would be interested in seeing him review one of those with his current paradigm.

    I am looking at migrating older relatives off of their computers and onto something a bit more maintenance free so I am interested in articles and blogs that delve into the practicalities of using the iPad appliances as main computing devices.

    • Andrew Orr

      I’ve been transitioning to having the iPad Pro as my main computer as well, I just need to get a keyboard for it. I have a couple of iPad-specific articles you might find helpful: Pro Apps and Web Apps.

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