Yesterday Apple released the long-awaited update to iPhone: iOS 10.2. With this version, iPhone users can make use of 104 new emojis. There’s nothing specifically telling you which ones are new, however, so we gathered them together for you. Check them out below, and find more information at Emojipedia.

iOS. 10.2 New Emoji

The update includes emojis from the new Unicode 9.0.0 standard, released this summer. The emojis are more diverse, with female representation across new jobs like scientist, firefighter and astronaut. Apple also emphasized more realistic design, for instance with new animals like fox and bat.

iOS 10.2 emoji list

iOS 10.2 Emoji

With iOS 10, people have new emoji-related options for the keyboard. One feature is called Tap to Replace where you can replace certain key words in an iMessage with emoji. In most apps you can also type a word, and the predictive text box will suggest an emoji for that word.

This greatly reduces the effort to swipe through the list. Now with 100 new emojis, it will be fun to see which new emojis show up in prediction.

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As happy as I am for the Avocado, I’m surprised no one has mentioned the Bacon considering the Bacon epidemic sweeping through the food industry …

Bryan Chaffin

Your long national nightmare is over, CudaBoy….😂


Finally! The California Avocado !!!!!